Memorials & Urns
Take home a lasting reminder of your pet with one of our urns, paw prints, jewellery pieces and more.

Memories are golden treasures

We have a wide range of urns and keepsakes for you to place your beloved pets ashes or scatter their ashes wherever you will.

We offer a wide range of urns and memorial pieces which can be viewed below. If a particular item appeals to you, please mention it to the team before you come to collect your pets ashes and they will have it ready for you when you arrive.

If you choose to receive your pets ashes in a scatter pouch or tube but don’t have a specific location that you wish to scatter them in, you are more than welcome to scatter them at our picturesque Lake of Remembrance, a dedicated spot for reflection and memorial.

Memorial Pieces

Ceramic Urn

Oak Suffolk Urn

Cardboard Urn

Sleeping Cat Urn

Paw Print Urn

Heart Urn

Eternity Bead

Paw Print

Tribute Frame

Scatter Tube

Floral Scatter Pouch

Scatter Pouch